Sol Plaatje University – Building 1


Sol Plaatje University: Kimberley South Africa


Building 1 – Educational Training Centre

Competition project team: Henri Comrie, Amálie Comrie, Michael de Beer, Steph Potgieter (models)

Design development: Henri Comrie, Etienne Britz

Urban design framework: Ludwig Hansen Architects and Urban Designers

Promoter: Department of Higher Education and Training

Following the competition, each of the five shortlisted architects was allocated a parcel of land of roughly similar size on which to develop a design for construction. The other selected practices are: Designworkshop SA (Durban), Wilkinson and Associates (Pretoria), Activate (Johannesburg) and Savage and Dodd (Johannesburg). The three-dimensional building envelopes on each of the parcels were determined by Ludwig Hansen Architects and Urban Designers’ urban design framework.

The allocated parcel for the Educational Teaching Building, is a elongated/rectangular site towards the north of the new precinct. The program consists of lecture theatres, academic facilities for educational and teacher’s training, laboratories and staff offices. Click here to view the competition.