Cape Town Station


Cape Town Station Urban Design Framework: Cape Town South Africa 2006 – 2010


Client: PRASA

Team: Architecture and Urban Design Association: MDL, Jakupa, DHK, Comrie Wilkinson (Cape) Architects and Urban Designers.

The extensive regeneration of Cape Town Station coincided with preparations for the 2010 World Cup. The focused, event-related upgrades provided opportunities for the station and its precinct to better serve commuters and the city as a legacy project beyond 2010.

A team of architects and urban designers, led by Mokena Makeka, considered many scenarios that would best marry the expanding operational requirements of the station with improvement of the precinct as a commuter-friendly, mixed-use destination/zone of transit.

Apart from restoring and improving the concourses, the project also focused on major urban design concerns such as the edge conditions and zones of overlap with the city, both of which have since been realised in built form.