gordon institute of business science


Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS): Johannesburg South Africa 1996-2013



Client: Gordon Institute of Business Science

Team: Phase 1: Henri Comrie in association with TC Design Group Architects. Phases 2 and 3: Henri Comrie as director of Comrie Wilkinson Architects and Urban Designers (with Chris Wilkinson as the architect of record on Phase 2)

Photo credit: Leon Krige

The campus was developed in three phases. What started out as a small group of buildings soon had the makings of a small town as the success of GIBS, driven by Prof Nick Binedell’s passion and vision, led to the demand for more space.

GIBS has been commended for the extent to which ‘life between classes’ has been accommodated on campus through carefully designed courtyards, quads and seating alcoves that successfully blur the distinction between formal teaching and spontaneous interaction.

The campus as it stands today is a carefully knitted whole in which subsequent phases of development are varied while remaining focused on the central quad, which lies at the heart of the campus and provides a foundation for its architectural identity.