Greenpoint Traffic Circle


Green Point Circle: Cape Town South Africa 2010


Client: City of Cape Town

Team: Henri Comrie as director of Comrie Wilkinson Architects & Urban Designers (Cape) in association with Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers

Landscape architects: OvP

Structural engineers: Ninham Shand (Now Aurecon) represented by Dave Nel

The Green Point Circle is a rare example of landscape urbanism in Cape Town. It is a traffic circle, gateway, bridge, ticketing office, bus station, landmark and urban meeting place all at the same time.

Its overlapping purpose and strategic position at a point of conflict between car and stadium-related pedestrian flows neccessitated carefully considered urban design input. The collaboration was one of negotiated involvement between engineer, urban designer and landscape architect. Engineered geometries were fed through cycles of pedestrian/cyclist awareness whilst utilising the plasticity of concrete to achieve a marriage of uses.