Fairvalley Eco Village


Fairvalley Eco Village Urban Design Framework: Paarl South Africa 2010


Client: Fairvalley Association in association with Kagiso Urban Management

Team:  Henri Comrie as director of Comrie Wilkinson (Cape) Architects and Urban Designers

Sustainability consultant: Mike Schroeder

Civil engineer: Lyners

Planners: Headland

Fairvalley Eco Village was conceived as an affordable housing-driven eco-estate. The integrated urban design framework was developed through an iterative design process, driven by sustainability principles. The enquiry-by-design process involved a client body which included farm workers who were given a stake in the development. Despite its semi-rural location, the development is centred around the need for high environmental quality within a higher density development along a transit corridor linking Paarl to Cape Town. The development is conceived as a ‘bead’ of density within a string of similar developments along the corridor.

Click here to view a relevant article, extracted from Architecture South Africa March/April 2009.